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  • Through natural metaphysical gifts, Michelle can transcend physical matter and the laws of nature by tapping into other worldly realms.

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If you feel stuck, your right where you need to be

Now is the time to lay low and take things slow.  Tend to important issues and matters in your immediate surroundings.  Assess situations calmly to avoid trouble for now.  Staying calm and not speaking out rashly is a great form of protection during this time.  

There are many chances to learn and grow from now until the end of the year.  Use this time wisely and keep a close eye out for signs and answers.  Answers will come in small forms.  Expect some conflict and illusions of the senses, how one perceives things may not always be the case.  Avoid whirlwinds in this cycle for positive outcomes, be introspective and take time to thoughtfully reflect in the moment.  Reframe issues and visualize positive outcomes.  Consider letting down the ego and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. 

This cycle symbolizes the transformation of consciousness called Ascension, your highest calling.  Quantum leaps of awareness are taking place within this time frame.  

Reversal of fortune can easily happen in this cycle so be careful with big spending, investments may not turn out as planned. 

This is a good time to recognize undesirable repeating patterns in your life.  Changing negative thoughts into positive will stop negativity attracting to you like a magnet.  It's a good time to overcome unlearned lessons.  To gain a better perspective and rise above troubles, apply the power of appreciation to see things in more ways than one.  Expect unexpected developments and outcomes, this period is full of shape-shifting abilities that will bring refreshing results in the most surprising ways.

Again, quiet reflective time is of the utmost importance.  Dreams can turn into reality so take advantage of this opening to apply and create what it is you most desire for the future.  Decision making will play a key role in the next few months.  Moments of indecision will arise every now and then.  Remember to live life to the fullest on your own terms.

Let your imagination be your guide and your dreams can come true.  Keep an open mind to new possibilities, you are "The Hero" of your own journey, any effort made now will lead to ever-greater accomplishments.


Wishing all happiness, healing and peace.

Much Metta!  Michelle