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Starting Monday May 17 into June



Setting the foundation of Rebirth.

Tossing away regret.

Making sensible logical decisions.

Setting yourself free.


This week there will be many opportunities for rebirth by opening your mind to new ways of thinking.  This month has called for development by implementing patience so embrace your inner harmony to release fears, doubt and concerns caused by the world and those you are surrounded by.

This month has been jam packed with reveals and hidden truths.  Expect more revelations of truth to come for the rest of the month and into June.  The veil of deception has been lifted and you might just find yourself in a position of seeing someone for who they really are.

Many will develop a fresh new perspective and pockets of clarity will provide refreshing energy leaving one feeling renewed.  Expect moments of calm, clarity and relief.  If there are feelings of doubt and regret keep moving forward into clarity to embrace new insight.  Making choices to move on can be difficult so give yourself permission to let go of the old and revival will take place.

Some of you may need a supportive shoulder to lean on.  The support you need will come in the form of new people or situations entering your life.  The Spirit Realm and your Guides are always there for you as well, all you need to do is ask for their help.  The next few weeks lend opportunity for building a strong foundation for yourself and to develop a poetic relationship with the authentic gift of your own inner strength.  If answers are not coming through now they will in the next few weeks.

Evolved and emotionally balanced people will soon be showing up so in the meantime anchor yourself and establish your own inner interior.  You will attract personalities that can provide comfort, love and support.  Be your own mentor and the rest will fall into place.  The time has come to move past negative cycles and people or situations in your life.  It may seem as if things lately are absolutely intolerable at times , this is a sign to move on with no regrets.

There’s a lot of transformation ahead so remember to nourish the soul, allow yourself time to heal, apply wisdom to make sensible and logical decisions, toss away regret and allow rebirth to take place.

Wishing Everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous week.  

Much Metta!