Services provided are based on the need of each individual.  Your  reading is based on your energy and your personal Guides, Angels and Otherworldly Forces that want to communicate with you.  

Below is a description of my abilities. Depending on the individual need of the client, readings

 could include one or all of the following:

Medium/Clairvoyant: The ability to see symbols, forms and spirit images.

Clairaudient: The ability to hear sounds that exist beyond ordinary experience, I hear the Spirit World, the deceased and other Dimensions.

Clairsentient/Empath/Intuitive:  The ability to feel thoughts, emotions and energy of others.

Psychometry:  Reading the energy of an object ( metal, crystal or jewelry) by sensing things, feeling emotions, hearing sounds and seeing images (client must be present for this kind of reading).

Please note:  If you are not interested in Medium Services a reading can be provided as an Intuitive Reading, in which spiritual guidance will be provided for the client to experience more about the energy field that surrounds that person.  This kind of reading provides information that can assist the client with information of how to tap into their own inner knowing.

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