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Package 1

Learn the power of Meditation and Mantra  $295

Package includes: 

  • (First Session) One 30 minute reading.  Connecting to the Energy Field of my client and Spirit Realm in order to provide answers and gain a better understanding of what your personal needs may be.
  • (Second Session) Guided meditation technique to clear, balance and invite positive energies into your energy field and life.  This Meditation helps one to gain a better comprehension of how to work with each Chakra.  You will learn how to identify what the needs are of each Chakra and learn how to take control and unblock Chakras.   
  •  (Third Session) Mantra to suit your own personal needs.  I will choose a special Mantra that will enable you to take control of certain circumstances you may be facing today.
  • (Fourth Session) Review, Questions and Answers.
  • Written instruction worksheet.

Package 2

Chakras and Seven Year Cycles $375

Package Includes: 

A comprehensive knowledge of  which Chakra is in correlation with your current year of age.  You will learn which Deity, crystals, music, mantra, aroma therapy, herbs, yoga and organs in the body to focus on and use.  Also included is Meditation, Seed Syllables of each Chakra and a total of three Mantras.  This package offers an opportunity to clear Karma from past seven year cycles and lifetimes.   Doing this work will also assist with helping to overcome old patterns.  All information will be supplied in a guidance worksheet. 

  • (First Session)   Meditation to learn how to feel and control energy.  Chi is a never ending flow of energy, this Meditation will teach you how to identify and move energy.  
  • (Second Session)  Learning Seed Syllables of the Chakras and the first two Mantras.
  • (Third Session)  Mantra and Deity associated with current seven year cycle.
  • (Fourth Session)  Review, questions and answers.

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  • Combine package 1 and 2 to receive a 10% discount.
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Prices for individual readings:

20 minute reading $60

30 minute reading $90

45 minute reading $140